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Family Stories

To begin, while sifting through a box of old family photos, I found this yellowed, folded, torn out bit of lined paper. It looks like the handwriting belongs to either my aunts or my mom. I have decided to transcribe the papers here, as well as some old photos, for posterity. I know my husband and I, and more so our children, are glued to technology in a way that precludes sharing quality time and especially the retelling of old family stories, whether true or not. This realization has impressed upon me that Husband and I need to make an effort to put our phones away and connect with our kids. It has also impressed upon me that the old stories and photos need a backup. So here I am.

The paper, in either one of my aunt’s writing or my mom’s, reads as follows (in note-taking form):

Uncle Delbert & Aunt Maudie were there w/ their family & got several gifts. Thelma gave Mom something very special: spoon or a few pcs of silverware. After leaving Coalinga, went to LA area. Left LA & went to Redding. Got a job on Shasta Dam – Dad, Law, & Jack. Dad wkd 2 yrs on Shasta Dam & 6 mos in tunnels.Was there when WWII & then to Richmond, CA. Wkd in Kaiser Shipyd. Then, went to Army. Stationd in Ft Sam Houston, San Antonio, TX. In Army about year & a half. Bro. Ralph living in Series, CA. Dad wkd there 15 yrs, moved to Beldin, wkd on dam there – Rock slew Dam. Came to Brentwood. Dad got job welding for J.I. Case in Stockton, Internall Arv Huster, house trailers in Walnut Creek & King Trailers. King Trlrs moved to Brentwood. (Night school?) Mom went lkg for house. Dad had never owned a house. Mom found house she liked. $500 down, take over existing FHA loan for -7000. $60 month incl principal int. ins. 3 1/2% interest.Mom & Dad brot Real Est man to look at house. Dad walked into living room, turned around, and said, “We’ll take it” – Didnt know what or how many other rooms there were. Credit to Mom. She investigated buying the house “I’m glad she did.” Bot about 1952.

On back, it has a note that reads: Before kids born, Mom & Dad slept in car.

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