Your True Stories of Encounters with Ghosts, the Unexplained, and Small-Town Folklore, from America and Beyond

About (Not Exactly a Bio)

Dear You,

I’m nearly 50. I live on an island in the Puget Sound part of the Pacific Northwest, where I am very, very happily married to my husband. I have kids and pets. I like coffee, wine, potato salad, and lasagna, but since I’m on Keto and can’t have those things for the past month, I’m a very cranky, if slightly-less-heavy, bee-atch.

In my not-so-spare time, I work at a part-time home-based day job (no, my day job is not blogging – yet!), visit my mom (who lives five minutes away), spend time adoring my husband by whining at him, harassing him, and generally teasing him until he is at his wit’s end, often with womanly death glares. (I love him, really.) I also am raising three girls — It’s true! — One of them is in college majoring in aerospace engineering, and I’m super proud, and college is also super expensive, so use my Paypal button! I’d be that happy because of it!

In the even less time that I have, I wish I was traveling, because that’s my favorite thing to do. I also like to direct plays at the local playhouse. I also practice magick and work on genealogy, since Gramma always said we came from a Scottish grandmother who “had the Second Sight” and “was fey”. But then, Gramma also said that we came from pirates, and I haven’t been able to confirm that, so who the hell knows?! I also play the piano rather badly. Oh yeah, I also like to write.

The stories I include here are, to the best of my knowledge and faith in the folks who relate them to me, true. I might be guilty from time to time of changing names (to protect the innocent, and so that my relatives don’t get mad at me!). In these stories, I hope to include a grain of something deeper, whether it’s a laugh, a thought that keeps you up at night, a scare, a lesson…but the most important thing is that I hope you enjoy nosing around my blog.

If you have a true story of small-town folklore, or if you have encountered the Unexplained and want it preserved for posterity, contact me!

Your friend,

The Folklore Girl

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