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Do You Believe in Magick?

A gentle warning…Very likely not aimed at you.

I’m generally a pretty funny person; however, when I’m around people, I tend to be a listener, and I tend to be quiet. What you see on the surface is not necessarily proof of the depth underneath, or the hilarious person I can be when in the company of the select few around whom I am completely comfortable and completely myself.

I’m also – and my husband will tell you this – an overly kind and compassionate woman.

Now, I come from a line of women who can be…shall we say…stinkers. Some of us have the Gift. I myself have it, and I practice it. How, I won’t clarify.

So in the rare instance that someone upsets you, or in this instance, me, because that person might be…shall we say…meanto me, I’m going to ask:

Do you believe in magick?

It’s a part of folklore, and it’s part of the paranormal.

Just ask the granny witches of the Appalachians. They might be churchgoing, Jesus-loving, Bible-reading believers, but they do practice their charms and hexes, too. It doesn’t matter if a person believes in it or not, because it’s there, just like the stories of Paul Bunyan and Mother Goose. You might pooh-pooh them, and say they’re just stories.

Stories have power.

There is power in folklore. There is power in magick.

There is also danger in upsetting a kind person. Especially when that person has her own secret kind of power. It’s akin to waking a sleeping giant.

It’s generally a good idea to speak kindly to everyone, just because. Kindness is best. I firmly believe in Kindness First.

It’s just not a wise thing at all to be mean to people. It ruins a person’s day.

And you never know. You might upset a witch. Sometimes, although we witches are kind, although we witches are healers, we can become grouchy until you make amends. There’s a reason people respect and fear them.

Things can get sticky. There is, after all, a long history of witches giving the evil eye to people who anger them.

I’m just sayin’.

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4 Responses to “Do You Believe in Magick?”

  1. Kizzy Moon

    I very much agree – but then you knew that from reading my own post. You never know who you might upset with un-necessary mean words. We can be shy naïve looking blondes holding a century old gromoire full of curses behind our backs… 😉

    Liked by 1 person


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