Your True Stories of Encounters with Ghosts, the Unexplained, and Small-Town Folklore, from America and Beyond

Why Folklore?

I started this blog as an offshoot of a project I had already started working on with my Cousin Cheryl (Hi, HC!), collecting folklore and ghost stories local to the Antioch/Oakley/Brentwood area of central/northern California. As I began this project, it occurred to me that my own mind is a trove of folkloric stories passed on to me from my grandma, aunts, and cousins. All of the stories they shared with me are interesting! In fact, I have never encountered a story of small-town folklore that I didn’t warm to — it doesn’t matter where they are from. The seduction of these stories not only rests in the unknown and spook factor, which gives us goosebumps, or as the Hawai’ians say, “chicken skin”. We are also attracted to folklore because its stories show us our place in this vast planet, whether they are true or only have some grain of truth that lies at the bottom of a boggy legend. The shame in folklore is that without people who are willing to speak or to write, our stories die. We lose them if we are too complacent to pass them on to our youth, if we are too content in our place in the world to make the young care.

So, I have founded this blog as an avenue to preserve the stories of my Grandma’s Brentwood, my cousin’s Antioch, my ancestors’ Oklahoma and North Carolina, my husband’s Scotland, and my friends’ locales across the world.

I may, at some point, edit the stories shared with me by folks like you into book form, as a way of saying, “Thank you,” to you, to my ancestors for sharing their stories with me, and as a way of giving back to this Blessed Earth that is our shared home.

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Your patronage of the Arts of Storytelling and Folklore allows me more time to research, speak with people, and spend time crafting truthful-yet-enjoyable tales of personal encounters with the paranormal and small-town folklore, told to me by normal, every-day folks just like you.


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